Capraia is a small port town situated on the island of Capraia in the Tuscan Archipelago of Italy. The port is a vital link for the islanders who depend on it for supplies and daily transportation. The port offers a sheltered bay, making it an ideal spot for boats to dock. From Capraia port, ferries and boats operate to neighboring islands and mainland cities like Livorno and Piombino. The town around the port has some great seafood restaurants to enjoy local cuisine, making it a perfect spot to explore on a day trip. Capraia port offers a tranquil atmosphere encapsulated in a small picturesque town, with its colorful buildings and the turquoise sea serving as an idyllic background.

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Things to do in Capraia

Capraia is a beautiful island located in western Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, clear blue waters, and relaxing beaches. If you are planning a trip to Capraia, here are some things that you might consider doing: 1. Explore the Island's Beaches - There are several beautiful beaches in Capraia that offer clear waters, white sand, and breathtaking views. You can try different water activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and diving. 2. Visit the Fort of Capraia - The Fort of Capraia is a historical monument that was built in the 16th-century. It offers stunning views of the coastline and the surrounding areas. 3. Hiking in the National Park - Capraia is a natural park that is known for its beautiful hiking trails. You can explore the island's rugged terrain, lush forests, and stunning views on foot. 4. Fishing - Capraia is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. You can hire a local guide to take you to the best fishing spots on the island. 5. Taste Local Cuisine - The island of Capraia is known for its delicious seafood, pasta dishes, and local wines. You can try different types of food in the local restaurants. 6. Boating - Capraia is an ideal spot for boating. You can rent a boat and explore the island's hidden coves and beaches. 7. Watch the Sunset - Capraia is known for its beautiful sunsets. You can relax on one of the island's beaches or hikes and enjoy the stunning views. In conclusion, Capraia is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer to its visitors. From exploring the beaches and the national park to trying local cuisine and enjoying the sunset, there are plenty of things to do in Capraia.

Getting around in Capraia

Capraia, a small island in Italy, can be explored easily on foot. There are no vehicles allowed on the island except for a daily shuttle bus that connects the port to the town square. The town itself is very small and can be easily navigated on foot. If you wish to explore the more remote areas of the island, there are several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding sea and landscape. The island also has a few rental bikes and scooters available if you prefer to cover more ground. Overall, Capraia is a small island that encourages visitors to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty of the area by taking in the sights on foot.

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