Agnondas (Skopelos) Ferry

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Agnondas (Skopelos) Ferry

Agnondas is a small picturesque port located on the western coast of the island of Skopelos in Greece. Surrounded by lush greenery and crystal-clear waters, Agnondas is a tranquil and charming fishing village that offers a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to relax and unwind. The port is a popular spot for yachts and sailboats to dock, and visitors can enjoy fresh seafood at the local tavernas, swim in the calm waters, or simply soak up the stunning views of the Aegean Sea. With its laid-back vibe and natural beauty, Agnondas is the perfect destination for those seeking a quiet escape in the Greek islands. The most popular ferry destination from Agnontas ferry port is to sail to Skiathos which has up to 1 weekly sailings. This ferry port connects you with approximately 4 routes throughout the year. The average sail time to Skiathos is around 35m, with operators like SeaJets. Start exploring Agnondas and find your ferry option today with Openferry!


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Things to do in Agnondas

Agnondas is a picturesque coastal village located in the island of Skopelos, Greece. With its crystal clear waters, stunning natural scenery, and charming ambiance, Agnondas offers visitors a tranquil and relaxing getaway. Here are some of the things you can do while visiting Agnondas:

  • Relax on the beautiful beach and soak up the sun.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the seaside tavernas, offering fresh seafood and local specialties.
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic waterfront and admire the traditional Greek architecture.
  • Go for a swim in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
  • Rent a boat and explore the surrounding coves and hidden beaches.
  • Hike along the nearby trails and discover stunning viewpoints overlooking the village and the sea.
  • Visit the charming chapel of Agia Paraskevi, located on a hill overlooking Agnondas and offering panoramic views.
  • Experience traditional Greek hospitality and immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Overall, Agnondas offers a peaceful and authentic Greek experience, perfect for those looking to unwind and connect with nature. Whether you choose to relax on the beach or explore the village's hidden gems, Agnondas is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

Getting around in Agnondas

In Agnondas, Greece, one of the best ways to get around is by foot. The village is small and easily navigable on foot, allowing you to explore its charming streets and picturesque waterfront at your own pace. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle or scooter to quickly maneuver through the narrow streets and reach nearby beaches or attractions. Taxis are also readily available in Agnondas, providing a convenient and efficient way to travel to distant locations or return to your accommodation after a day of sightseeing. Overall, getting around in Agnondas is easy, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this charming seaside village.

Closest airports to Agnontas

The nearest airport to Agnondas, Greece is Skiathos Airport (JSI), located approximately 11 kilometers (7 miles) away. From Skiathos Airport, you can reach Agnondas by taking a taxi, which will take around 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a bus or a water taxi to reach Agnondas from the airport. It is recommended to check the schedules and availability of transportation options beforehand, especially during the summer months when the demand for transportation to and from Skiathos is higher.

Ferry routes to Agnontas

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