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Astakos Ferry

Astakos Port is situated on the western coast of Greece, in the region of Aetolia-Acarnania. It is a natural harbor that has been used as a commercial port for many years. The port is relatively small, with only a few wharfs and piers, but it is well-equipped to handle various cargoes, including petroleum products, general cargo, and containers. It is a major gateway for shipping between Greece and Italy, and it also serves as a transit point for goods heading towards southeastern Europe. The port offers a range of services to ships, including bunkering, repairs, and provisions. In addition, Astakos Port has a passenger terminal that serves ferries connecting Astakos to various islands and ports in Greece. Overall, the port of Astakos plays a vital role in the transportation of goods and people in the region.


Things to do in Astakos

Astakos is a small picturesque town located on the western coast of Greece, overlooking the Ionian Sea. It is known for its crystal-clear waters, friendly locals, and delicious seafood. Here are some of the things you can do in Astakos:

  • Relax on the beaches: The beaches of Astakos are stunningly beautiful and offer a perfect spot for relaxation. You can spend your time on the soft sand, soaking up some sun, and enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • Explore the village: Astakos is a traditional Greek village with a rich history and culture. Take a stroll around the village, and you'll come across ancient ruins, charming houses, and colorful streets.
  • Go on a boat ride: There's nothing quite like a boat ride in Astakos. You can rent a boat and explore the coastline, or take a guided tour to discover hidden coves and beaches.
  • Visit the Hill of Angels: Legend has it that the Hill of Angels was the place where angels descended to help the villagers during a raid. Today, it's a popular spot for hiking, picnics, and enjoying the stunning views of the sea.
  • Taste the fresh seafood: Astakos is known for its delicious seafood. Try some fresh fish or the local specialty, octopus, prepared in traditional Greek style.
  • Attend local festivals: Astakos hosts many festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from seafood to music. These festivals are a great way to experience Greek culture and mingle with locals.
  • Go scuba diving: The crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea are perfect for scuba diving. You'll discover a whole new world filled with colorful fish, interesting rock formations, and even shipwrecks. Astakos is a hidden gem in Greece that's worth exploring. Whether you want to relax on the beaches, learn about the history and culture of the village or go on an adventure, Astakos has something to offer for everyone.

Getting around in Astakos

Getting around in Astakos in Greece is relatively easy. The town is small and pedestrian-friendly, making walking a great way to explore the local sights and shops. There are also taxis available if you need to travel further or don't feel like walking. If you want to explore the surrounding areas, there are several car rental companies in the town, making it easy to rent a car and explore the local countryside at your own pace. Alternatively, you can use the local buses to travel further afield to nearby towns and cities. Overall, there are plenty of options for getting around in Astakos, making it easy to experience all the town has to offer.

Closest airports to Astakos

The nearest airport to Astakos is Aktion National Airport (PVK), which is located approximately 75 km (46 miles) away. From Aktion Airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to Astakos. Alternatively, you can rent a car at the airport to drive yourself. If you prefer not to fly into Aktion Airport, other nearby airports include Athens International Airport (ATH) and Corfu International Airport (CFU), which are approximately 300 km (186 miles) and 200 km (124 miles) away, respectively. From either of these airports, you can rent a car or take a bus to Astakos.

Ferry routes to Astakos

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