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Paxos Ferry

The port of Paxos in Greece is a charming spot located on the island of Paxos. It is a picturesque location that offers stunning views of the Ionian Sea. The port is relatively small but has everything tourists need, including restaurants, cafes, and shops. Visitors can take a stroll along the waterfront, enjoy a meal with a view, or hire a boat to explore the surrounding coastline. Despite its size, the port is a busy hub during the summer months, with boats arriving and departing daily, making it an excellent starting point for island-hopping adventures. Overall, Paxos port is a must-see destination for anyone visiting this beautiful part of Greece. The most popular ferry destination from Paxos ferry port is to sail to Kerkyra which has up to 15 weekly sailings. This ferry port connects you with approximately 2 routes throughout the year. The average sail time to Kerkyra is around 58m, with operators like Kerkyra Lines, Kerkyra Seaways. Start exploring Paxos and find your ferry option today with Openferry!


Things to do in Paxos

As an AI language model, I don't have the personal experience of traveling, but Paxos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, offering an ideal destination for an idyllic holiday. There are numerous activities that visitors can do during their stay in Paxos. Below are some of the exciting things tourists can do in Paxos:

  • Explore Gaios Town: The picturesque capital of Paxos is a perfect place to explore while enjoying the traditional Greek architecture, delicious food, and fashionable boutiques.
  • Visit the Blue Caves: Set off on a boat excursion to see the remarkable blue caves, a stunning seascape of crystal-clear waters and mesmerizing rock formations.
  • Relax at the Beaches: The island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, including Kipiadi Beach, Mogonisi Beach, and Levrechio Beach.
  • Hike the island’s Trails: Paxos has excellent hiking trails for lovers of nature, such as the stunning Erimitis coastal path, which overlooks the tranquil turquoise Ionian Sea.
  • Try Greek Cuisine: Paxos has some of the best Greek cuisine, and it’s a heaven for seafood aficionados. Sample freshly caught fish, grilled octopus, and mouth-watering souvlaki.
  • Go Wine Tasting: Taste some of the best Greek wines at the Paxos olive mill, where wine experts gladly guide you through the production process.
  • Rent a Boat: Renting a boat is the best way to explore the hidden coves, beaches, and bays of Paxos.
  • Learn Sailing Skills: Participate in sailing lessons or take a sailing course to gain new sailing skills. Paxos is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers, explorers, and people looking to unwind in a serene setting. Its tranquil ambiance, pristine beaches, and spectacular scenery are waiting for you!

Getting around in Paxos

Getting around in Paxos is fairly easy as the island is only 10km long and 4km wide. One of the best ways to explore the island is by renting a small motorboat or hiring a boat with a skipper to take you to the hidden beaches and sea caves. Alternatively, you can rent a scooter, ATV or car to explore the island at your own pace. Bicycles and e-bikes are also available for rent. Public buses connect the major villages on the island, but the schedules may not be very frequent, especially during the low season. Taxis are also available but can be expensive. Walking is a great option if you are staying in one of the main villages, as everything is in walking distance, and the island offers scenic walking trails.

Closest airports to Paxos

The nearest airport to Paxos is Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, which is located in Corfu island, approximately 10 km from the city of Corfu. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to the port of Corfu and take a ferry or hydrofoil to Paxos Island. The ferry ride takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the type of boat you choose. Alternatively, you can take a seaplane from Corfu airport directly to Paxos Island. Flight duration is approximately 15-20 minutes.

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