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Piombino Ferry

The port of Piombino is a charming coastal town located on the Tuscan coast in Italy. This port has been known as an important maritime hub for centuries, serving both commerce and tourism. The port offers ferry services to various destinations, including Elba Island, Sardinia, and Corsica. The port itself is modern and efficient, with spacious docks, large warehouses, and state-of-the-art equipment that enables quick and safe loading and unloading of goods. Visitors to the port of Piombino can enjoy exploring the scenic streets of the historic town, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops to browse. The stunning coastline offers beautiful beaches, and the area is rich in history and culture, making Piombino a perfect destination for both leisure and business. The most popular ferry destination from Piombino ferry port is to sail to Cavo (Elba) which has up to 56 weekly sailings. This ferry port connects you with approximately 5 routes throughout the year. The average sail time to Cavo (Elba) is around 15m, with operators like Toremar, Moby Lines. Start exploring Piombino and find your ferry option today with Openferry!


Things to do in Piombino

Piombino is a scenic and historic coastal town situated in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Encircled by the glistening sea and verdant hills, Piombino offers an array of cultural, recreational, and gastronomic activities to visitors. Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or a nature lover, Piombino has something for everyone. Here are some things you can do in Piombino:

  • Explore the medieval town: Piombino's medieval center is a maze of cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and charming squares. Walk around to discover hidden corners, historic monuments, and trendy cafes and bars.
  • Visit the Riviera di Rimigliano Natural Park: This protected area is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. It boasts sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, dunes, pinewoods, and wetlands, home to a variety of plant and animal species.
  • Visit the Museo Archeologico del Territorio di Populonia: This award-winning museum showcases the history and culture of the Etruscan civilization, which dominated this area 2500 years ago. The museum has a large collection of artifacts, such as pottery, jewelry, statues, and household items.
  • Take a ferry to Elba Island: Piombino is the gateway to Elba, Napoleon's favorite exile destination. You can take a ferry from Piombino to Elba and enjoy a day trip or a longer stay to explore Elba's beaches, cliffs, forests, and quaint villages.
  • Taste the local cuisine: Piombino and the surrounding region are renowned for their seafood dishes, such as the famous cacciucco (fish stew), risotto with shellfish, and grilled fish. You can also try the local specialties, such as torta di ceci (chickpea flour cake) and schiaccia alla campigliese (flatbread with olive oil, anchovies, and rosemary).
  • Enjoy water sports: Piombino's coast is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and sailing. You can rent equipment or take lessons from local operators.
  • Attend cultural events: Piombino hosts various cultural events throughout the year, such as the Populonia in Jazz Festival, the Sagra della Toscanello (a food and wine festival), and the Christmas market. These events showcase local traditions, music, dance, art, and food. Whether you prefer to relax on the beach, explore the history and culture of the region, or indulge in delicious food and wine, Piombino is a must-visit destination in Tuscany.

Getting around in Piombino

Piombino is a small town on the western coast of Italy, situated in Tuscany. The best way to get around Piombino is by walking as the town is relatively small, and most attractions are within walking distance. However, if you want to explore the surrounding areas, you can rent a bike or take public transport such as buses or taxis. You can rent a car to explore the nearby beaches and other towns such as Follonica and Massa Marittima. Additionally, there is a ferry service available from the port that takes you to the beautiful island of Elba. Overall, Piombino is easy to navigate, and you can easily get around the town and its surroundings using a combination of walking, biking, and public transport.

Closest airports to Piombino

The nearest airport to Piombino, Italy is the Marina di Campo Airport (EBA) on the island of Elba. From there, you can take a ferry or a bus to reach Piombino. Alternatively, you can also arrive at the Pisa International Airport (PSA) and take a train to Piombino.

Ferry routes to Piombino

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