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Avec Fly Cycladic, il n’est pas nécessaire de retirer les billets. Il vous suffit de vous enregistrer avant la traversée via l’application ou le site Web Openferry pour recevoir vos billets par e-mail. Assurez-vous de vous enregistrer entre 48 et 3 avant l’heure de départ. Vous recevrez de plus amples informations et des liens avec votre réservation.

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Passengers Terms

-What documents do I need in order to travel? EU citizens are required to have a valid passport or an ID card. Non-EU citizens must have a valid passport to fly with us. For Greek domestic flights, a valid Driver´s license is accepted as a form of ID. A valid EU Driver's license is acceptable (not US or other). Please check the latest COVID requirements / restrictions at the time of your flight to find out if you need any additional documents. -Online check-in Check-in for your flight conveniently on your computer, tablet, or smartphone from or -When is Online Check-in available? Save time with Online Check-in, available 48 hours up to 3 hours before your flight, choose your preferred seat if available and get your boarding pass. If you have any trouble retrieving your reservation or checking in, please contact us and we’ll get your checked in. -How to use Online Check-in Select “Check-in”, enter your booking reference number (PNR) and your last name in English characters. Confirm your details and details for your travel companions. Get your boarding pass by receiving it via email on your smartphone as a mobile boarding pass or print it out (PDF format). Alternatively, you may collect your boarding pass from the airport (additional charges may apply for check-in at the airport). Take your baggage to the dedicated "Drop-off" counters at the airports. If you do not have baggage, proceed towards your gate. -Can I perform Online Check-in when I have baggage to check? Yes, you can perform Online Check-in. If you have baggage to check, please proceed to the designated check-in counters of your departure airport, before heading to the departure gate. -What is the web/mobile boarding pass? The web boarding pass contains all your flight details and a 2D barcode that will be scanned at the airport during boarding. It replaces your traditional paper boarding pass when checking in online or from your mobile device for travel from select airports. Once you receive and download your mobile boarding pass, you may proceed directly to the airport gate. At the gate you have to present your ID or your passport, along with the mobile boarding pass. -Can I check in at the airport? Yes. Check-in at all airports is managed by our handling agents Goldair or Skyserv depending on the airport you will be going to. You should look at the departure screen to find the exact location / check in counters. Restrictions and additional charges may apply. -Can I choose where I want to sit? Seating policy is taking care by our on-board crew. Due to aircraft limitations, we do not offer seat selection for safety reasons (weight and balance). -Where can I find my terminal and departure gate? Please check the flight information display systems at the airport for your terminal and departure gate. -How long before my flight do I have to be at the airport? We recommend you arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure. -Why can’t I check in online? Online check-in is available for our customers 48 hours prior to departure. If you have any trouble retrieving your reservation or checking in, please contact us and we’ll get your checked in. -Where can I find service updates about my flight? We’ll contact you promptly by email to alert you to any changes to our flight schedule that affect your itinerary.

Cancellations & Modifications

Once a ticket had been issued, it’s not possible to change the name of the passenger free of charge. Please contact us and we will assist you in changing the name on your ticket at the relevant cost. The name on the ticket can be amended without a fee in these exceptional circumstances (with the necessary documentation) You recently married and booked using your maiden name Your name has been misspelled Your first name and surname are in the wrong order Missing a flight is generally considered a no-show and sadly no refund is available. If you have missed your flight, check the terms and conditions and flight rules that apply to your booking. To book an alternative flight, please contact our customer support. We’ll do everything we can to help you get where you need to be. Please check the terms of each fair accordingly.


According to EU legislation and Contract of Carrier, all passengers are entitled to compensation if their flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 3 hours (unless the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances). If your flight is cancelled, we will do our very best to book you on the next available flight on the same day. If that’s not possible, we will be book you on the next available ferry to your destination. If no other flight or ferry is available that day, we’ll cover the cost of one night’s accommodation and put you on the first available flight or ferry the following day. Failing that, you will receive a full refund and reasonable compensation.


-What is the maximum checked baggage allowance? The maximum baggage allowance on board our aircraft is 23kg per passenger. Since our aircraft are small, we cannot accommodate oversized luggage as it simply won’t fit in the cargo pod. The baggage dimensions for the cargo pod are 80cm in height, 60cm in width and 35cm in depth including handles, side pockets and wheels. -Am I allowed a carry-on bag, as well as my checked luggage? Due to the limited space in the cabin, only one piece of personal items up to 2.3kg can be carried onboard (such as: handbag, work backpack, camera, small laptop case). Personal items which you carry on to the aircraft must fit under the seat in front of you. The baggage dimensions for the hand baggage you bring on board are 40 x 18 x 15cm including handles, side pockets and wheels. Carrier is not responsible for any damages on personal items that does not fit exactly under the seat (such as scratches). -How can I add extra baggage to my reservation? You can contact us 48 hours before departure and we will get back to you regarding extra baggage allowance. Cargo space in our aircraft is limited, therefore we regret if no extra baggage can be accepted -What happens if my baggage is over the weight limit? You’ll need to pay for any excess baggage (over 23kg) when booking your flight. If your baggage is up to 7kg over the limit, you can check it in at the airport for an extra charge, which will be 10 EURO per extra kg. If you are traveling with specialty equipment, oversized items or very heavy baggage, please contact us at least 48 hours before your flight. Restrictions and additional charges may apply. -Can I bring sports equipment with me? Due to limited cargo hold space, you would need to contact us and provide us with further details on your equipment. Restrictions and additional charges may apply. -Can I bring a car seat and stroller on board? Collapsible strollers and car seats will be stowed in the cargo pod free of charge and delivered to you at your destination. -What should I do if my luggage is damaged? Please report the damage to the customer support on arrival, before leaving the airport. Our handling agents will guide you through the compensation process. You will need to fill out a form and provide photographs of the damaged item. -I have a connecting flight. Do I have to check in my luggage again at the layover airport? Yes, you do. -I forgot something on board. How can I get it back? If you are still at the airport, you should report any lost items to the Lost & Found desk. Alternatively, please contact us.

Special Assistance

-What assistance do you offer passengers with special needs? We take extra care to make every journey smooth, safe, and stress-free for all our customers. If you require special assistance, please&nbsp;<a href="">contact us</a>&nbsp;at&nbsp;<a name="_Hlk101191410" id="_Hlk101191410">least 72 hours in advance</a>, so that we can best cater to your needs. Please note that we may ask you to provide medical report (Medical Information Form or other) from your doctor or hospital, to ensure that it is safe for you to travel. -Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility at airports Wheelchairs are available at all airports. If you need a wheelchair or any other assistance in getting around the airport, please let us know while booking and / or purchasing a ticket or at any time after purchasing a ticket, but not later than 48 hours before departure. -Traveling with your own wheelchair or other auxiliary There are no wheelchairs on board the airline’s aircraft. Passengers’ own wheelchairs, apart from their type, weight and size are transported exclusively as checked baggage in the cargo hold. There are certain size and weight restrictions that you must discuss when booking and/or purchasing your ticket. The folding wheelchair with manual control is accepted for transportation as checked baggage without additional security measures. Wheelchair or other means of transportation powered by a battery, are not accepted on airline flights. Please inform us of your requirements no later than 72 hours before departure and provide accurate information on the size and weight of the equipment as well as the type of battery. Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) types accepted by Carrier WCHR (R for Ramp): Passenger who can walk up and down stairs and move about in an aircraft cabin, but who requires a wheelchair or other means for movements between the aircraft and the terminal, or in the terminal and between arrival and departure points. WCHS (S for Steps): A passenger who cannot walk either up or down stairs, but who can move about in an aircraft cabin and requires a wheelchair to move between the aircraft and the terminal. DEAF: Passenger who is deaf or a passenger who is deaf without speech. -Walking-stick and crutches The walking-stick and crutches must be folded under the seat prior to take off and landing. The stick or crutches should lie horizontally on the floor so as not to obstruct the emergency exit or protrude into the passage. Stretcher passengers are not accepted. -Travelling with an infant An infant is a child who has not yet reached its 2nd birthday. The following acceptance / limitation rules apply: Acceptance/limitation rules Infants may not travel as UM; they must be accompanied by a parent or by another responsible adult. Maximum 1 infant per accompanying adult over 18 years of age. Infants may not be accepted within the first seven (7) days after birth, except as medical case. The total number of infants on board must not exceed the number of infant life vests carried on board. Maximum number of infants‚ 2 per flight. Infants under 2 years old will not have their own seat on board the aircraft. Infants must travel on your lap, fastened securely with a special seatbelt. Parents/guardians must carry the infant's necessary identification documents, as well as any other documents required at the destination (for example, VISA/passport etc.). It is permitted to carry formula and/or breast milk included in your Personal Items cabin baggage. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that you will be inspected at the checkpoints. In case a Parent/guardian carrying infant on their lap must not occupy a seat close to the exit. Fare rules If infants are travelling on the accompanying adult’s lap, the Infant Fare applies. -Expectant mother / Pregnant passengers The IATA Medical Manual recommends authorization after 28 weeks. Your doctor will always tell you whether or not to fly. From the 36th week of gestation (32 if it is multiple gestation and without complications) IATA recommends not to fly. If in any way you need to travel‚ your doctor must authorize it. One week after giving birth‚ she can fly again. Our company’s policy for the acceptance and transport of Expectant Mothers is as follows: Up to the 36th week, only an oral/verbal declaration is necessary. Medical Cases requiring a written authorisation (issued within 72 hours of travel): Over 36 weeks, the passenger must present an authorization to fly document, completed, certified and signed by the attending gynecologist. A medical clearance signed by the attending gynecologist is also required in case of expected twin birth, regardless of the week of pregnancy. A medical clearance signed by the attending gynecologist is also required in case of known birth complications. -Can I make a reservation for an unaccompanied minors? Unaccompanied minors (UM) are children at less than full legal age travelling on their own, not being in the custody of a person that has attained full legal age. The carrier does not accept to transport Unaccompanied minors (UM). -Young Passenger Travelling Alone Young persons are minors of 12-17 years who travel alone. Usually, no special services are provided to this category of passengers. If an escort is requested to accompany a passenger of that age to and from the aircraft, this passenger shall be treated as Unaccompanied minor (UM). This procedure may be applied in case there is doubt whether the young person is able to travel alone and upon parents’ request.


-Travelling with pets Important note: For sales after 01/10/2022 only bookings for cats or dogs are accepted. For travel after 01/10/2022 no other animal species, except for cats and dogs, will be allowed in carrier flights. Cats and dogs up to 5kg are allowed in the main cabin of the aircraft as long as they are travelling in a special pet carrier no larger than 45 x 35 x 24 cm and must stay in the pet carrier, on the floor, for the duration of the flight. The passenger, under whose care the pet travels, must be in possession of all documents required by the authorities at destination. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate larger animals as they won’t fit in the cabin. Prior carrier approval must have been obtained. For more information on travelling with pets and the documentation required please contact us. Guide dogs are welcome on board, subject to the above weight and size limitations.

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