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Kos to Astypalea



Stavros 4h

Travel from Kos to Astypalea with the Stavros. Expect your trip to take around 04h 00m.Prices are in the range of €13.The Stavros is equipped with a garage so you are able to travel with your vehicle.

Rhodes to Kos



Stavros 7h

Travel from Rhodes to Kos with the Stavros. Expect your trip to take around 07h 00m.Prices are in the range of €15.The Stavros is equipped with a garage so you are able to travel with your vehicle.

Kos to Rhodes

6h 55m


Stavros 6h 55m

Travel from Kos to Rhodes with the Stavros. Expect your trip to take around 06h 55m.Prices are in the range of €15.The Stavros is equipped with a garage so you are able to travel with your vehicle.


With SAOS Ferries no ticket collection is required, you can either check-in or download the Openferry app and your ticket codes will appear directly in My Trips. Scan them as you board the ferry!

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    PASSENGER & VEHICLE TICKETS a) The ticket is personal, registered, non-transferable and valid only for the route, date and place for which it was issued. b) According to the Community Directive 98/41 / EC and for safety reasons, the nominal registration of the passengers on each route is mandatory. For the purposes of registration, the tickets are issued by NAME and must state: * The name of the passenger * Gender: Male / Female * Age: Adult / Child / Infant * The ID or Passport ID number * Nationality * The type and registration number of the vehicle, if any c) When issuing (at an agency or via the internet) the ticket, the passenger must bring his / her ID, state a contact telephone number (preferably mobile) and e-mail address so that he / she can be notified in case of delay, cancellation or cancellation of the ship’s service. In addition to the above, the people who need SPECIAL CARE must be declared to the issuing agency or the central agencies. In case the passenger does not wish to disclose contact information, it is registered in writing on the ticket. d) The issuance of a ticket on board the ship is prohibited and therefore to avoid unnecessary inconvenience the passenger must issue a ticket in a timely manner. e) The fare does not include catering. f) Tickets must be issued within the deadline set by the date of booking, for which passengers are informed by their Travel Agent. Otherwise the reservation is automatically canceled. g) Children up to five (5) years old: it is mandatory to issue a ticket with zero fare. BOARDING PROCEDURE a) The passenger must arrive on the ship half an hour before the scheduled departure time and bring his vehicle to the loading area one (1) hour before departure. If for any reason he does not catch the departure he is not entitled to a refund. b) The driver is obliged to load and unload his vehicle. c) The passengers of the vehicles are obliged to disembark from them before they are loaded on the ship. d) Drivers and passengers must bring with them items that may be needed during the trip. After departure, entry into the vehicle area is prohibited. DISABLED There is equipment and accessible areas for the best service of passengers with special needs. ABOUT SECURITY a) Passengers are not allowed to carry weapons, cartridges, explosives, flammable, incendiary and generally dangerous substances. b) For safety reasons, all passengers and objects they carry on board are likely to be inspected. Entry to the ship will be prohibited for persons who refuse to comply and will be reported to the Port Authorities. c) Passengers must present to the authorized personnel of the ship, their ticket, passport or police ID or other valid travel documents. The company reserves the right not to allow boarding if the passenger does not have the required travel documents and can not prove, beyond any doubt, his identity. After boarding, disembarkation is not allowed without the permission of the responsible Officers of the ship. CONTROL ON SHIP Ship Officers carry out ticket checks during boarding and during the voyage. During the check, passengers are required to show their tickets and discount documents once a discount ticket has been issued.

    Cancellations & Modifications

    Ticket modifications for another voyage date and provided that free seats are available only by the issuing agencies, with the necessary presentation of the original ticket bodies, up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the ship. If the value of the new tickets is lower, you are not entitled to a refund of the difference. Ticket cancellations are made only by the issuing agencies and if the ticket bodies have been presented as they are. Tickets can not be canceled by phone. 100% refund of the ticket up to 14 days before the scheduled departure of the ship. 75% refund of the ticket up to 7 days before the scheduled departure of the ship. 50% refund of the ticket up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the ship. In the event that a passenger or vehicle ticket has already been modified within 14 days prior to the original travel date, the above refunds will not apply and the refund will not be refunded. After the departure of the ship the tickets are not canceled, while there is no possibility to change the date of the trip.


    Under current law, pets are prohibited from staying indoors on all ships, but your pet can still travel: Only on deck and of course under your personal supervision. In the special area indicated by the crew. You should also have the animal health booklet with you, while dogs should wear a muzzle.


    LUGGAGE a) The passenger is entitled to carry hand luggage weighing up to 50 kg, without paying a special fare. Persons with reduced mobility are entitled, without payment of a special fare, to carry in addition to hand luggage, any equipment or aid required for their autonomous movement, regardless of weight. b) During the trip, luggage can remain inside the vehicles. When the passenger travels without a vehicle, then the luggage must be placed in special places of the ship, according to the instructions of the crew. c) Valuables, money and valuables may be handed over to the Officers of the ship for safekeeping. The company does not bear any responsibility in case of loss of such items that were kept in luggage and were not delivered to its Officers.

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