Chios is a beautiful coastal town situated on the eastern shores of the Aegean Sea. It is famous for the historic port that has served as a hub of trade and tourism for centuries. The port of Chios connects the island to various other cities in the Aegean and beyond. The port area is a bustling hub of activity, and visitors can find a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants in the vicinity. The port also features a marina where boats and yachts can anchor, making it a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts. With its strategic location and rich history, the port of Chios is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the beautiful Greek islands.

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Things to do in Chios

Chios is a beautiful Greek island that lies in the Aegean Sea. It is known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine. Here are some things that you can do while in Chios: 1. Visit the Byzantine Museum: The museum is home to some of the finest Byzantine art in Greece, including icons, frescoes, and manuscripts. 2. Explore the Castle of Chios: Built in the 11th century, the castle is one of the most impressive medieval fortresses in Greece. 3. Relax on the beautiful beaches: Chios has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, including Karfas Beach and Mavra Volia Beach. 4. Take a day trip to the neighboring islands: Chios is close to many other Greek islands like Samos and Lesbos, which are all worth a visit. 5. Visit the Monastery of Nea Moni: The monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its beautiful mosaics. 6. Try the local cuisine: Chios is known for its delicious food, including seafood, pastries, and locally made liqueurs like mastiha. 7. Take a hike in the Mastichochoria: The Mastichochoria are small villages scattered throughout the island that are known for their unique architecture and ancient traditions. 8. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Chios: The museum is home to many ancient artifacts from the island's rich history. 9. Go scuba diving: Chios has some great scuba diving spots where you can explore the underwater world. 10. Attend a local festival: Chios has many festivals throughout the year, including the Mastihashop Festival, where you can learn more about the island's famous mastiha product.

Getting around in Chios

Getting around Chios can be done by various modes of transportation. The island has a well-established road network which makes renting a car or a scooter a convenient option. Taxis are also readily available around the island and can be hailed on the streets or called. For shorter trips, using the public bus system is a good way to get around. Visitors can also explore the island on foot, especially in the Old Town of Chios and other picturesque villages. Additionally, there are plenty of local boats that operate daily from the port of Chios to nearby beaches and islands.

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